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“Sharing the Sun” a meditation on abundance and regeneration. Recently, my focus has been on turning my painting into a sort of dance with the canvas, where each brushstroke is a gesture that flows from my entire body. The reason for this is twofold; first of all, painting in a way that is grounded in my whole body allows me to keep my body soft which means I am less likely to trigger my old nerve pain as well as keeping me from going into my head and doubting the intuitive process of art making. Second of all, the last couple of years have seen me come into my own personal spiritual practice which is a sort of hodgepodge of Secular Buddhism, witchy shit and deep ecology and I believe I am in a transitional period with my art, as if the paintings I am doing lately are me thinking out loud as I try to understand what it might mean to use art as spell making. I worry that this sounds really pretentious but I’m trying to speak more openly about what goes on in my head as I paint.

Fledglings” or an alternative title to this might be “Dopamine” as it was done on day one of trialling some meds for my ADHD. This one has just gone up in my online shop and it’s more lovely in real life because of the subtle metallic and iridescent paints splashed across various parts of the painting. Oh and I feel weird posting photos of myself next to my paintings lately but I think this is a good way to give an idea of the size of them, yeah?

“Timescape” When I was a teenager, I had this idea that landscape painting was kind of… dull and sentimental. Now the landscapes that I knew as a child (if even only in my daydreams) are undergoing profound, dramatic and traumatic changes and so I’ve become drawn to the process of landscape painting, albeit not literal and photo realistic depictions but an engagement with some sort of… feeling or sensation of them. This painting actually contains multiple layers of the memories of places that I’ve been to either physically or in my imaginings and it contains some processing of the grief I feel about places that no longer are.

These are all for sale at 10% of profits will go to and the rest will go right back into making more art. Shipping is free in Australia.

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