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18 May 2023

About two years back, I was watching Everything’s Gonna Be Ok, a television show written about characters with autism, played by actors who are actually autistic. While watching the show, I found myself relating to the characters in ways that are rare for me (I have hardly ever encountered characters on TV and in movies […]

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He Watches Me

23 April 2021

Calling your dominance and my submission a “game” doesn’t feel accurate because it’s so much more real than a game. The closest descriptor I can come to is “psychodrama”. Through negotiation, conversation and connection, we have created a framework, an arena, within which we explore and embrace our shadow selves, the murky stuff that asks […]

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Ethical Porn and Submission

30 January 2020

Awhile ago I wrote an article for Archer Magazine which you can now read here, or if you prefer I believe you can still order a copy of the magazine from their website:

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Humiliating Need

17 February 2019

(Content warning, this writing contains a description of sexual activities done within the context of a D/s relationship where a dynamic of consensual non-consent has been mutually and enthusiastically agreed to.) What is the feeling I had last night? You forcibly held my legs open and put your tongue to my clit. You know how […]

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11 September 2018

(Trigger warning: non-consensual fantasy BDSM stuff.) Oh God this weather this sunshine, these blossoms, this lush grass, these bees and birds fucking and busting me out of my seasonal sadness. My stubbornly fertile body thinks it’s time to mate and so my cotton underwear are patchy wet as an invitation to slide stuff inside me. […]

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Love Hard

25 August 2018

People regularly find this blog and/or my website when searching for the term “BDSM documentary” and for the record, I actually was in one back in 2014. The film, Love Hard, is a beautiful documentary on kink and intimacy made by the the incredible feminist pornographers, Sensate Films. That’s me in the picture above. In the […]

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24 June 2018

The impact of his hand on the side of my face is microscopic oblivion and my reaction is addiction. His hand around my throat is paralysis and my option is endurance. His foul words in my ear are humiliation and my eyes close in avoidance. His cock forced sudden inside my ass is agony and […]

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27 April 2018

My name is Jessie and I am a slut. I own this identity so that it cannot be thrown against me as a weapon, though of course it still will. I own this identity because it feels like a bold sort of defiance, a refusal to sit down, to be quiet and to close my […]

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27 February 2018

(This is something I wrote for a fetish website back in 2013. Content warning, it speaks of my fantasies regarding rough and non-consensual sex. These are strictly within the realm of fantasy/consensual kink.) I want absolute disinhibition. Self-consciousness is paralyses, thoughts distract, detract. Shut the fuck up. I want to forget that I forgot to […]

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The Shape I Am

26 February 2018

(I wrote this in August last year for an artistic feminist porn project that I shot to come out late this year with Post Reverie but I thought I’d post it here too because… because writing this felt important at the time. Because it’s intense and personal and that is important. The photo is one […]

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