He Watches Me

Calling your dominance and my submission a “game” doesn’t feel accurate because it’s so much more real than a game. The closest descriptor I can come to is “psychodrama”. Through negotiation, conversation and connection, we have created a framework, an arena, within which we explore and embrace our shadow selves, the murky stuff that asks for a playground, a means of expression. It is, at times, liberating and transcendent and through it, I’m finding myself thinking more and more about the concept of magic. I ask myself what it can mean to cast spells through intentionality, ritual and the brave exploration of the places that we normally avoid, I believe in the power of truth, alchemy and transformation.

We started talking about how we might bring these energies, this stuff, into art and one day in early 2020, around the 2 year mark in our relationship, you ordered me into my studio. We’d discussed this fantasy for a long time, the idea of what it might mean to have a captive artist, someone who you could demand creation from. I didn’t know what I would paint and I found that my heart was racing but you were watching me expectantly and so I picked up my paintbrush and this is what came out.

The whole time, you watched me.

Acrylic on canvas. This piece is not currently for sale.

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