Category: Autism


25 September 2022

I wonder if the problem was never me. I wonder if there was never anything wrong with me to begin with. I wonder if I just perceived the chains around my throat a little earlier. I wonder if I simply reacted against the oppression the suffocation the limitations the violence of factory farming children through […]

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I Am Autistic

26 July 2022

So many of my friends would have already guessed it by all the stuff I’ve been sharing lately but I’m going to just come out officially and say that I am autistic. No, not instead of ADHD, many people have both; in fact, there is a great deal of overlap which makes me feel if […]

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Maths and Me

3 July 2022

I have dyscalculia. (More on dyscalculia here.) It is a learning disability pertaining to maths and is common with ADHD and Autism (contrary to the stereotype of all Autistic people being maths whizzes.) I learned I have dyscalculia only recently, while researching and educating myself about my own neurodivergent mind, it made so much sense. […]

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