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Vision in Red

23 October 2023

Vision in Red, acrylic on linen. NFS. I wrote some words about the story of this piece because a lovely friend recently suggested that I should share the thinking behind my art. It feels really vulnerable to share this stuff online, I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to position myself as an expert […]

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Stickybeak – Melbourne Fringe

27 September 2023

I’ve hardly been home lately as I’m having a blast co-creating this weird little show for Melbourne Fringe with some very talented folks who I’ve met through physical theatre training over the last few years. It is turning into a fun, stupid, funny and odd little thing AND it’s going to be PG rated which is… […]

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25 September 2022

I don’t want to make art like a capitalist. I don’t want to grind myself into dust and make myself sick from exhaustion just to prove that I deserve a place here. I want a practice that is healthy and regenerative and I shall never refer to myself as a “content creator”, treating myself as […]

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25 September 2022

I wonder if the problem was never me. I wonder if there was never anything wrong with me to begin with. I wonder if I just perceived the chains around my throat a little earlier. I wonder if I simply reacted against the oppression the suffocation the limitations the violence of factory farming children through […]

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Oh Yuck, It’s Me

14 September 2022

It’s actually happening, I’m finally going to do my first ever solo show! “Oh Yuck, It’s Me”, a show about finding the will to live even while the world crumbles and burns around you, is debuting at one of my favourite venues, The Butterfly Club as part of The Melbourne Fringe Festival! Though I’m absolutely […]

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This Isn’t My Guardian

10 January 2022

I believed I was a smart and realistic little kid and so even then, I told myself that the giant bird I saw staring at me from the foot of my bed one night was just a dream. It’s funny, I often thought afterwards about how it hadn’t felt like how dreams normally felt, that […]

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A Dream of Melting Ice

19 November 2021

I just had a dream that I woke up from calling out and crying. My loves and I were walking along a landscape of ice but the air was hot and yellow and the ice was melting into lukewarm puddles of freshwater. Some parts were breaking apart suddenly and violently as massive ocean waves exploded […]

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20 October 2021

Content warning: writing here about fatphobia, body shaming and my relationship to my own body. I’ve always hesitated to write about my own experiences with my body because they pale in comparison to the discrimination faced by bigger people but I was thinking about these things when I painted this little piece a few nights […]

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Good Job

1 October 2021

Lockdown has me awake late and sleeping until midday and tonight being no exception, I decided to spend some time in my studio. I did a crap drawing that I didn’t finish and then a crap illustration as one of the tasks for an online course that I’m taking to try keep myself inspired and […]

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Future Dreaming

10 August 2021

Last night, after reading about the IPCC report on the climate crisis, my heart was racing and I felt sick and dizzy with fear. Rather than become paralysed, I felt I needed to do something so I painted myself with shaking hands and then I wrote this. I’m not sure what it is exactly but […]

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