A Dream of Melting Ice

I just had a dream that I woke up from calling out and crying.

My loves and I were walking along a landscape of ice but the air was hot and yellow and the ice was melting into lukewarm puddles of freshwater. Some parts were breaking apart suddenly and violently as massive ocean waves exploded them into pieces.

Just as soon as I noticed the waves, one rushed towards us and the ice broke apart under our feet. Suddenly the three of us were treading dark, freezing water and I saw Wes go under, panicked and confused. I swam underwater until I found him and helped him out. We were all able to get back on to the ice and soon we found a natural hot spring (a recurring motif in my dreams due to growing up in Rotorua, Aotearoa) the water bubbled and steam rose off it but the guys expressed reluctance when I suggested that we get in and warm our frozen bodies because the top of the pool was slicked with a thick rainbow glazed substance that we concluded was sunscreen and oil from the bodies of tourists.

Eventually we found our way back home which was an igloo made of balsa wood. It was surrounded by thin, cracking ice and a stormy wind was blowing in. Giant waves approached.

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