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Fuck Our Excuses

29 March 2019

Fuck our healing crystals blood diamonds with dark histories of human labour exploitation and environmental degradation Fuck our feminist slogans on t-shirts sewn by aching fingers of women trapped in slave positions capitalism’s incarcerations Fuck our body positive platitudes while bodies of hundreds are held on islands waiting to be processed and kept like cattle […]

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as long as we breathe

6 March 2019

While the ice is melting and our lands are burning and our forests are dying and our oceans are choking the fight for hope is daily the fight for life is dire When we were young my love our old age was assumed now I look at your face my love and my heart fills […]

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18 February 2019

Your tone speaks menace my heartbeat quickens I’m afraid of you and addicted to fear I’m afraid they’ll be empty threats hurt me I silently plead please my body begs what good is this flesh without purple red brutality what point is this mind without torment and terror “please…” the word slips out you laugh […]

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Kaleidoscopic Catharsis

30 December 2018

multichromatic bloomings chosen catharsis beautiful violent love explosions lust a desire to live in disguise as a wish for death neither both take me give me your pain it’s mine I’m yours

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In Between

3 November 2018

In between the right and wrong of this and that is truth Just below the rage and fear of you and me is grief Right inside the hurt and hate of wounded hearts is love

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14 September 2018

I just feel so fucking sad and so fucking angry tonight. Overwhelmed by the horrors of male violence on a global fucking scale. Despairing that it is we still who receive the blame.

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a little less

24 August 2018

(Note: This was written for a desktop and formats badly on a mobile phone.) Maybe I could try a little harder to be a little less suck in that gut pin up that skin oil those surgery scars but the makeup can’t conceal the way recent trauma aged me and I can’t always avoid eye-contact […]

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8 August 2018

shameless nameless sits lips parting scentless airless slips mouth breathing painless veinless its soft dripping colourfree blood

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7 June 2018

empathetic me thinking of you made a mistake thinking you were thinking of me narcissistic you thinking of you made a mistake thinking you were thinking of me

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Glittered Gaze

24 May 2018

her eyelids flicker flutter open gutter only glitter her universe a miniature cascade flickers sparkled pictures her crumbled quivers warm wind captures speckled splatters cognition lapses

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