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The world is not your oyster

4 April 2018

The world is not your oyster its flesh wasn’t made for you to greedily slide into your mouth and mindlessly consume that girl is not your chattel her form wasn’t made for you to thrust yourself inside her skin and violently abuse those folk are not your servants their homes were not made for you […]

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babe I’ve got you

24 February 2018

(Last year, the wind spraying my face with water from the cold pacific ocean and inspired by one of my favourite songs, Asido by Purity Ring, I wrote a song in my head which is something I often do, even though I don’t know how to make music and have no particular talent for it. […]

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29 August 2017

from my instagram 

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oh fuck i don’t know

1 December 2016

late night fake light fixating ruminating masturbating self absorbing self consuming ouroboros cud chewing cheek bleeding mouth breathing dry eye red eye nerve fizzing stupid staring stupid stupid stupid staring

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Real Girl

18 May 2016

that time when I made a film where I slapped my face with one hand and touched my clit with one hand and asked myself is this real enough raw enough for money posterity

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Our Kitten

18 May 2016

Tiny innocent a white cotton ball with blue marble eyes laboured breathing stinks of rotting organs and shit because our kitten has no anus it is genetic misfortune and her life will be so small so painful and revolting and we named her Dandelion

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An Ode To The Selfie Stick

17 May 2016

Lit by the ethereal silver glow of his laptop screen The only sound a clicking camera a contented smile on his face Solitary butthole photography is his gift to himself

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