Fuck Our Excuses

Fuck our healing crystals
blood diamonds with dark histories
of human labour exploitation
and environmental degradation

Fuck our feminist slogans
on t-shirts sewn by aching fingers
of women trapped in slave positions
capitalism’s incarcerations

Fuck our body positive platitudes
while bodies of hundreds are held on islands
waiting to be processed and kept like cattle
while their will to live completely crumbles

Fuck treating ourselves at cafes
on feasts of flesh of tortured chickens
their lives worse than any horror story
hideous suffering ending brutal and gory

Fuck our privilege
Fuck our silence
Fuck our complacency
Fuck our complicity
Fuck our selfishness
Fuck our excuses

Fuck our low expectations of ourselves
Fuck our whole goddamn system

Let’s burn it to the fucking ground
Let’s start again and be better this time

Do I sound like I’m joking?

Let’s burn it to the fucking ground
Let’s start again

I’m really not joking.

We’re better than this.
We must be better than this.

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