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28 April 2021

You think you’ve escaped me?  You think you’re safe? Can’t you hear me? I’m everywhere, on the edges of everything. Howling and haunting and laughing and moaning. I know who you are and I know where you live. Your home is inside me you arrogant little ape. You’re killing my children, slaying your siblings, mindlessly […]

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He Watches Me

23 April 2021

Calling your dominance and my submission a “game” doesn’t feel accurate because it’s so much more real than a game. The closest descriptor I can come to is “psychodrama”. Through negotiation, conversation and connection, we have created a framework, an arena, within which we explore and embrace our shadow selves, the murky stuff that asks […]

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A Letter to My Niece

10 April 2021

(I wrote this in September 2020 but at the time it felt too emotional and raw to post. I edited it a little today so the sense of time in it is a bit funny but the essence and emotions are still very much present. I am trying to find ways to talk openly about […]

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Some Quotes I’m Thinking About

16 September 2020

“I will argue that it is not menstrual blood per se which disturbs the imagination – unstanchable as that red flood may be – but rather the albumen in the blood, the uterine shreds, placental jellyfish of the female sea. This is the chthonian matrix from which we rose. We have an evolutionary revulsion from […]

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