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I’ve hardly been home lately as I’m having a blast co-creating this weird little show for Melbourne Fringe with some very talented folks who I’ve met through physical theatre training over the last few years. It is turning into a fun, stupid, funny and odd little thing AND it’s going to be PG rated which is… well… a new experience for me, heh. (That’s right, folks, I’m keeping my shirt on, this time!) Tickets are on sale now so get yours (presales make artists less likely to die early of stress!) and bring your people along to the Fringe Hub to support independent artists experimenting and developing new ideas!


Dates: 04 – 15 Oct
Time: 8:00pm, 7:00pm (Sunday), 3:00pm (Saturday 14) (60 minutes)
Venue: Festival Hub: Trades Hall – Quilt Room, 54 Victoria St, Carlton VIC 3053

Event Accessibility: Deaf or Hard of Hearing Rating: Partially Accessible, English no barrier. Venue is wheelchair accessible. There will be a relaxed performance on Saturday 14th October at 3pm and an Auslan Interpreted performance on Thursday the 12th at 8pm.

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  1. Mrs. Barbara Tufts says:

    Dear Stickybeaks, I could not get tickets for your exciting play. Is there any chance you might do a repeat session later?
    Yours sincerely
    Barbara Tufts

  2. Jessie Ngaio says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Alas we did sell out for this season! We’ve not yet discussed doing another run of the show but I suspect we might!

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