Her skin is lumpy, her limbs asymmetrical and her breasts disproportionately large. The stitches he has sewn are inexpert so when he presses down on her, her seams start to split and the plastic bags she has been stuffed with rustle.

Utilising a permanent marker he has carefully, lovingly sketched her eyes that look like round, black spiders and painted her a smudged, smiling mouth with fuchsia lipstick by Maybelline.

He dresses her in different outfits, babydoll dresses with tan leather sandals, black silk gowns with sheer pantyhose and stilettos, pink negligee he orders online and manages to squash her awkward appendages into.

He never fucks her, he didn’t make her for that. He whispers that he thinks she is beautiful and he is grateful for her company.

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