Stickybeak – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Winner of “Best Comedy” Melbourne Fringe Festival 2023. Now for six nights only at Malthouse Theatre as part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival, buy tickets here.

“Stickybeak is brilliantly paced and it’s a rollicking, silly, well-played, joyous ride.”
★★★★★ – The Age

“It’s classic Aussie humour, but reinvented – if you took parts of Kath and Kim and The Castle and turned it into a physical comedy show, you’ve essentially got Stickybeak.”
★★★★ Time Out

“It’s not ‘about’ anything deep and meaningful, but it is so funny, so beautifully done that you will leave the theatre smiling and happier than when you took your seat.  Don’t miss it.”
– Stage Whispers

“A super fun show honouring the quiet and regular, but also not-so-quiet or regular, people of our suburban neighbourhoods – this is one Fringe show you don’t want to miss!”
Weekend Notes

“This is the first time Twinner, Ngaio, Trennery and Dwyer have collaborated together and what a winning combination this is. They are fully supportive of each other and able to not only make each other look good but make each other look fucking amazing.”
– My Melbourne Arts

“‘Stickybeak’ had a slow pace but a concurrent joyous high-level of intensity. It featured a perfect blend of overt physical comedy and more nuanced elements where the raise of an eyebrow, the flick of hair, the jolt of a leg or simply the posture of one the cast members, would lead to gasps, chuckles, awws, and occasional uncontrollable boisterous laughter.”
★★★★½ – Hugging Comedians (on Instagram)

Photo credit: NickMickPics