Odd Hours

Nominated for “Best Ensemble” in Dance and “Best Visual Design” in the 2021 Green Room Awards. Odd Hours was a 5 night long performance at Abbotsford Convent, directed by Yumi Umiumare, which I performed in as part of a very large ensemble for ButohOUT! Festival, 2021

There are more than twenty performers in her ensemble of eccentrics, and they overwhelm the long performance space, creating an anarchic panorama of writhing bodies and weird costumes. This is a show overflowing with images and enigmatic exchanges.

– Andrew Fuhrmann, The Age, ★★★★

The prevailing spirit of Odd Hours is one of playful absurdity. It has a kind of giddy enthusiasm that is hard to resist.

– Andrew Fuhrmann, The Age

Artistic Direction & Choreography: Yumi Umiumare
Creative Producer: Takashi Takiguchi
Visual Art: Jacqui Stockdale
Vocal / Sound Art: Emma Bathgate
Sound Design & Operation: Dan West
Lighting Design: Rachel Lee
Stage Management: Feifei Liao
Lighting Operation: Harrie Hogan
Front of House Co-ordination: Kei Murakami
Co-creators & Performers:
Emma Bathgate
Helen Smith
Yumi Umiumare
ButohOUT! Ensemble:
Amanda Bathgate
Carol Keating
David Blom
Ebony MonCrief
Em Kimber
Emma Fayelecaun
Feifei Liao
Flynn Tucker
Jessie Ngaio
Kaira hachefa
Katrina Liston (Tri)
Kendra Keller
Kiki Ando
Samantha Helps
Pauline Sherlock
Ramona Estrella
Spira Stojanovik
Tomoko Yamasaki
Takashi Takiguchi