Colour Fool

Nominated for “Best Ensemble” and “Best Choreography” in the Dance category of the 2021 Green Room Awards. Colour-Fool was an experimental performance installation at Dancehouse, Carlton in March, 2021 as part of ButohOUT! Festival 2021. I was one of the co-creators and performers.

“Yumi Umiumare and the ButohOUT! Ensemble elegantly place, embrace, displace and reinstate their audience in and out of layered worlds from the box office till the bow.”

— Hayden Burke – Australian Stage

“Colour-Fool is a nightmare reflection on the strangeness of the times, but it is also, in its quieter moments, an earnest celebration of otherness and abnormality.”

— Andrew Fuhrmann – The Age

“The overall colourful effect is simultaneously striking and shocking. ”

— Patricia Di Risio – Stage Whispers

“Perhaps the most arresting moment is when deviant performance artist Jessie Ngaio, her dress unbuttoned and body glowing bright pink and green, flops forward and births a head of broccoli.”

— Andrew Fuhrmann – The Age

Photography: Vikk Shayen
Artistic Direction/Choreography: Yumi Umiumare
Producer: Takashi Takiguchi
Lighting design & Operator: Rachel Lee
Sound Design: Ai Yamamoto
Sound Operator: Isao Sano
Graphic Design: Monika Benova
Video works: Justas Pipinis and Yumi Umiumare
Visual arts consultation: Jacqui Stockdale
Publicist: Diana Wolfe
Co-creators & Performers: Kiki Ando, Emma Bathgate, David Blom, Jessie Ngaio, Pauline Sherlock, Tomoko Yamasaki, Takashi Takiguchi & Yumi Umiumare