ButohOUT! 2023 – ButohBAR OUT of ORDER

“Together, in their sprawling heterogeneous weirdo pageants, they generate fantasies of collective dysfunction and incoherence, crisis and deviancy.”
★★★★The Age

“But the centre never holds for long in this anarchic comedy of malfunction, this roll-up of haphazardly costumed odd bods.”
★★★★The Age

ButohBAR playfully and artfully explores disorder, disruption, disarray without descending into chaos or nihilism. The performance space is extremely apt and captures the sense of decay, decline and neglect that encompasses the overall design of the show.” 
– Stage Whispers

“The performers are wonderfully captivating and their commitment to their art is palpable and extremely admirable.”
-Stage Whispers

“This is a production that delivers an exceptional, astonishing and absorbing Butoh experience. It is a unique and unforgettable event that will stimulate all your senses on a range of disturbing and delightful levels.” 
– Stage Whispers

Butoh Bar 番狂わせ OUT of ORDER offers audiences the opportunity to see and engage with experimental and unfamiliar art. Beyond that, it also asks us to think about our responses to these works and how butoh can help as a re-birthing on how we can see the world.”
– My Melbourne Arts

Photo credit: Vikk Shayen