Wise Woman

Wise Woman


Acrylic on quality mounted artist’s wooden board. 30 x 45cm

Next year I turn 40, the age where I am expected to mute myself and disappear. I don’t want to be a woman who obeys the sexism and ageism of our time and so I’m holding an image in my head of the archetype of an old woman who I would like to someday be, someone who holds her knowledge, wisdom and power. We undervalue age in our culture of novelty, eternal youth and the delusional avoidance of death. I want to embrace every step of my life path and the lessons it will offer me, I want to refuse to be undervalued and to embrace my mortality as being part of the cycles and patterns of nature.

Please note: There are a couple of my hairs in the varnish of this painting. Normally I would pick them out but made the intentional decision to leave them. If this bothers you, this painting probably isn’t for you.