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Acrylic on canvas. 61 x 92cm

Femicide. Ecocide. The attempt to tame and subjugate the female body is like the attempt to civilise the wilderness. The patriarchal, colonising, narcissistic and profoundly fearful desire for absolute power and control drives a hyperobject death machine that may well destroy us all but there is an enduring, nurturing and generative power within all our bodies that is the stuff of creation. I can feel it when I lie down among the trees, it buzzes and fizzes and flows.

Please note: This painting contains some florescent pigments. Though I use the highest quality florescent paints which are coated with a top of the range UV protective varnish, this artwork should not be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time as there is a risk of colour fading. In fact, this rule should be applied to all paintings.

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