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Extraterrestrial Diorama

Early this month, I went as a visiting artist to my old art school for a week. In the first three days, I did an installation in a little hallway there (I had originally planned to use a gallery space but there were timing issues so I had to reconfigure my ideas to work in the hallway space instead). I basically had to create everything in the installation from scratch including the slime/landscapes, painted walls, painted soft sculptures etc. Check it out:


I consider the work "unresolved" but it was a good opportunity to play and experiment and there's things happening in it that I like. All things considered, not bad for three days of art making (and about four hours spent documenting the work as the size of the hallway made it really tricky to photograph) right? 

Returning to my old art school after almost 7 years away was an amazing, inspiring, intense and emotional experience. The support I recieved was incredible, doing an artist's talk was terrifying but critiquing the final year student's work was an absolute blast, the students were a lovely bunch and hopefully I gave them some vaguely useful feedback. I also had a student journalist interview me for an article in the local paper, I'm pretty awkward in interviews but you can check it out here if you like. 

I spent a large part of my time during the week with the talented, intelligent and amazing Tawhanga who I used to share a studio with during our art school days and who has gone on to become an incredible weaver, performance artist and all up inspiring person. He performed all through the week and has left me with a great deal to think about. I feel utterly blessed to have this friendship and to be able to witness Tawhanga's growth as an artist and person. 

 On the final morning of my very brief visit, my wonderful, supportive and gorgeous friend Angela made us an incredible breakfast. It (and her, resplendent in jewels and pearls!) was a work of art in and of itself.

I am a very lucky person to have such wonderful people in my life. 

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